Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital

6650 Highland Road, Suite 116
Waterford, MI 48327



From the pediatric needs of kittens to the specialized care needed by the

senior pet, you can rely on us to deliver high quality, customized veterinary services.

Because we only treat cats at Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital, the atmosphere is calm

and quiet, just the way cats like it! Dr. Steven Bailey, our practice-owner, is one of only two board-certified feline specialists in the state of Michigan, and he ensures that our facilities and our staff are fully equipped to properly treat the unique health issues that affect cats.


Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital is a full-service veterinary facility that offers advanced medical care, including internal medicine, surgery, behavioral counseling, dentistry, and radioactive iodine treatment. The staff of Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital believes in providing each patient with gentle, compassionate medical care coupled with superior customer service. Your companion will always be given our absolute best, whether he or she is hospitalized for extended treatments or just stopping by to check a body weight.


At ECVH, we do everything we can to help cat owners and their cats enjoy a long and healthy relationship. As soon as you bring your kitten home, we recommend that you set up an appointment for a health exam and the vaccinations needed to provide protection from diseases such as rabies and distemper. It is important to make sure that your new cat is checked for viral diseases like Feline Leukemia, or parasites such as fleas before introducing him or her to any pets that you already have. We recommend that any healthy kitten who will not be bred should have a spay or neuter surgery performed after three months of age in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies. This surgery will also help prevent behavioral issues and certain cancers.


We recommend that you maintain a regular schedule of annual wellness exams with us as your kitten grows. At each appointment, we will review your cat's current diet and medications and make personalized recommendations for vaccinations and parasite preventive measures. Additionally, we discuss aspects of your cat's behavior and litterbox usage and our doctors perform a thorough physical exam including examination of your cat's skin, eyes, ears and mouth for signs of disease. A dental examination is crucial, as many cat owners are not able to provide dental care for their pets at home. Without regular routine dental cleanings (prophylaxis), cats can suffer from loose or missing teeth, tooth abscesses and infections that could lead to serious eating problems and health disorders.


In addition to annual wellness visits, we recommend that you call us to schedule a medical visit if you ever notice any unusual behaviors or symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, poor appetite or weight loss, limping, difficulty breathing, or litter box issues such as urinating or defecating outside the box, using the litterbox frequently or vocalizing while using the litterbox. Our extensive in-house x-ray, ultrasound, video otoscopy and laboratory services allow us to efficiently and economically diagnose and treat a wide range of cat illnesses. In addition to spay and neuter surgeries, we perform other types of cat surgery including dental surgery and root canal therapy, bladder stone removal, foreign object removal, mass removals and more.


Our veterinary practice also provides geriatric cat care for senior feline companions. Ours is one of the few veterinary hospitals in eastern Michigan that can provide radioactive iodine 131 treatments. Radioactive iodine 131 treatment (also known as I131 or Radioiodine therapy) is an alternative to daily medication or surgery that effectively cures feline hyperthyroidism. While your cat recuperates from the procedure in our radioactive iodine facility, our staff will closely monitor it and provide plenty of loving attention.


If you are planning a vacation, remodeling your house or otherwise concerned that your cat needs observation or medication that you cannot provide due to your schedule, our boarding services are a great option. Your cat will have a comfortable bed, regular exercise time and lots of attention. For those cats that cannot be groomed at a regular grooming facility, our clinic also offers gentle cat grooming under anesthesia to help maintain your cat's beautiful coat.


If you're concerned about your cat's health, call our cat care professionals in Waterford, Michigan today.