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Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital Charitable Care Fund

Baby Foxy

Back in 2012, a tiny 1.25 lb kitten was brought into our office by a concerned owner. Unable to keep food down, failing to grow or thrive, little Foxy (at that time, named Chelsea) had basically been given a death sentence because her condition was one with no recommended treatments, because it was a condition that had rarely been successfully treated, or even diagnosed in time to save the cat. Negative contrast esophagram

When she was brought to us, we discussed the opportunity to perform novel diagnostics and prolonged treatment on her in order to try to give her a chance to survive. Her owners were unable to handle the intensive care required to treat her, but our staff rallied for this tiny kitten and donated extensive time and effort to her case, and as we shared her progress with our clients and friends, she developed a following of devoted supporters – both with words and with donations to her care. Now, there is ONE MORE case of a cat with an esophageal stricture that has been successfully treated. This inspired us to form Foxy’s Fund in her honor.

We have always opened our hearts to cases that inspire and enlighten, when possible. Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital donates considerable time and money every year to a number of local animal health-related charitable endeavors in the Oakland County community. With a growing number of pet owners who are unable to afford veterinary care, the need for charitable help far outweighs the ability for any individual veterinary practice.Foxy Snuggles

From raising orphaned kittens to assisting with finding homes for elderly cats whose owners have passed away without warning, from cases of urethral obstruction to “untreatable” cases like Foxy, ECats staff donate a large amount of time, effort, care and support to the underprivileged cats in our community. In addition, our doctors spend considerable time consulting with and advising other veterinarians through the Veterinary Information Network, both in the US and internationally. However, we’d love to do more – we just can’t do it all alone.

That’s where you, our amazing community of pet lovers, clients, family and friends, come in. Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital is now a partner in the Veterinary Care Foundation, a program created to support veterinarians who provide veterinary services to animals in our community whose owners are faced with extraordinary hardships.

Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital believes that every cat deserves compassionate care, and to that end, we encourage members of the community to donate to our fund in support of the time, hard work, knowledge and supplies donated by our hospital on behalf of pets and their loving owners. Donations are tax-deductible and go directly to the clinic to support and enhance their already established charitable work. Contributions may also be made in memory or recognition of beloved pets. The Veterinary Care Foundation’s expenses are funded entirely through charitable donations – 100% of every dollar contributed to support the charitable work of Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital is used to directly fund the care of animals in our community.

As a participant in the Veterinary Care Foundation, our main objectives are:

  • To provide charitable funding for emergency medical care for sick and injured animals brought in by “Good Samaritans”
  • To provide support to qualified clients in need of financial assistance by providing emergency grants to help supplement the cost of care
  • To sponsor clinic research for the advancement of veterinary medicine
  • To enhance community education of veterinary medicine

The Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital charitable fund is a 501(c)(3) charity under the umbrella of the Veterinary Care Foundation.

If you would like to donate with a check, please make the check out to:

Veterinary Care Foundation
16550 NW 46th St.
Morriston,FL 32668.  Please include the name and address of the clinic on your check.

You may also donate online.  Click here

Please ensure that the first drop down box reads "Michigan" and the second drop down box reads: "Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital".

Thank you so much for your kind donations.