Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital

6650 Highland Road, Suite 116
Waterford, MI 48327



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Our office in Waterford, Michigan, is conveniently located off of M59, across the street from the Shark Club in the Airport Commerce Shopping Center.

Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital - Waterford, MI - Our Hospital entryway

Reception Area:
Our reception area is roomy and welcoming. Cynthia, Sandy (both pictured here) and Stacey are happy to greet you and your cat when you come to our office. A fully stocked pharmacy is located behind the desk. In addition to the medications we stock in our hospital, we also have partnered with Vet Source to be able to offer you many special diets and medications delivered to your doorstep.

Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital - Waterford, MI - Our welcoming lobby

Exam Rooms:

We have three clean exam rooms with comfortable chairs and an examination counter. We encourage you to allow your cat to explore the room and become acclimated to the hospital while we discuss your pet's health with you. Examinations may just as often be performed in the doctor's lap as on the table, depending on your cat's preference. If you require water, coffee, or a litterbox for your cat during your visit, we are happy to accommodate you! Each room is equipped with a computer to facilitate our paperless record keeping.

Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital - Waterford, MI - One of our comfortable exam rooms

Treatment Center:
The treatment center is the heart of our hospital. Most of the cats we see pass through this room daily. Our treatment area has elevated tables and anesthesia machines at each station to allow your cat to be handled easily, no matter what procedure we are performing - an examination, ultrasound, blood collection, grooming with anesthesia, or surgical preparation. There are surgical lights overhead to aid in examination, circulating water blankets to keep anesthetized patients warm, mobile blood pressure and pulse oximetry monitors to track patient vital signs, mobile IV fluid pumps for easy patient transport, and easy access to commonly used medications both for routine use and in case of emergency.

Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital - Waterford, MI - Our well-stocked treatment area 

Surgery Suite:

Our surgical suite is fully equipped with warm water blankets to ensure patient warmth under anesthesia, mobile monitors for measurement of vital signs including blood pressure, pulse oximetry, and capnography. We have mobile IV pumps to allow easy transportation from the surgical preparation area to the sterile surgical suite. Surgical supplies are sterile and easily accessible, and the surgical suite is located conveniently close to our laboratory for practically bedside preliminary analysis of surgical samples. Additionally, in surgery, we have a heated cabinet for surgical fluids and can provide hot towels for patient recovery in heated intensive care cages.


Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital - Waterford, MI - Our surgical suite

Dental Care Center:

Our Dental Center is equipped with surgical lights, bedside dental x-ray machine and processor, as well as all the surgical implements needed to perform 4-handed (or more!) dental surgeries. In some critical cases, as many as two doctors and two technicians have been involved. We perform routine cleanings, tooth extractions and root canal surgeries, here. Each dental patient has a cocoon of warm water blankets, pain medications and antibiotics, and skilled doctors and technicians working together to perform the necessary procedures quickly and efficiently to minimize the time your cat spends under anesthesia. Here, Dr. Bailey (left) and Dr. Demos (right) discuss a dental patient's treatment plan. Trisha (center), the dental technician for this patient, assists with the procedure, monitors the patient's vital signs and maintains the patient's anesthesia.


Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital - Waterford, MI - Our dental care center