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Exclusively Cats Yearly Calendar


Exclusively Cats Calendar Contest | Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital, Waterford, MI

Submit photos of your cat or cats to photos@exclusivelycats.com and your cat could be featured in next year's calendar!!


We ask that you please limit your submissions to no more than 5 photos per household. Please be aware of the possibility that we may not be able to include all 5 photos in the running. It will depend on the quality of the photo's composition and whether or not they meet the requirements listed below. As long as one or more of your photos meets the requirements, we will not accept replacement photos for the ones that did not, so please make sure to check your photo's specifications before submitting and make sure that they are the 5 photos that you want to send.


Also we ask that all photo submissions be of our patients only! We have a large number of clients, many have multiple cats in their home and we want to do our best to make sure that our clients get every opportunity to have their cats selected.


Additionally, we ask that all photos submitted be of patients that we have seen within the last year.


Please be aware that by submitting your photos, they will become the property of Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital and may be used on our website, Facebook page, in meetings, lectures and workshops designed to educate veterinarians and veterinary staff members. Note, however, that all client information will remain confidential!


Photo submission requirements:


  • All photos must be e-mailed in .JPG and landscape format
  • All photos must be no less than 300 PPI (pixels per inch) at a size of 8x10. If your photo is submitted in a size smaller or larger than 8" x 10" we will need to adjust the size and this will change the resolution of the photo. If the photos are less the 300PPI at a size of 8"x10" OR after they are modified to a size of 8"x10" they can appear blurry and/or distorted. (Most of the time, cell photos do not blow up to this size well, so if you are thinking of submitting a cell phone photo, please print it out to double check before submitting it.)
  • Make sure all your photos are "G" rated! Please refrain from submitting photos with inappropriate content or gruesome images that some may find offensive.
  • Even though we are "Exclusively Cats" your photos don't have to be! If you would like to submit a photo that includes a dog, bird, fish, reptile, child or adult, feel free! Just make sure that your cat is prominently featured in the photo.
  • Please be sure to label your submissions with your cat's name and your name so we know who you are! We have many clients and many more patients; this will ensure there is no confusion when it comes time to select the photos.


We will collect photo submissions from January 1 - September 1 each year. Photos submitted after September 1st will be saved for the calendar of the following year. Once we have collected all of the submitted photos that meet the above stated requirements, they will be voted on and narrowed down to the top 12. We hold voting both in the office and on our Facebook page, so encourage your friends and family to participate in campaigning for your cat!


Cats whose photos are selected for the calendar will be requested to submit a short bio piece to tell us a little about their lives - how many furry friends share their home, their favorite sleeping spot, foods and/or toys, special tricks or habits, special memories, or simply tell us about a day in the life. We know each cat is unique and special and we know everyone wants to know what makes your cat "exclusive".

We know how important your cats are to you! We would love to include everyone?s special friends, however we only have 12 months to work with. Due to this fact, and the volume of photo submissions we receive, we ask that you please be understanding if your cat's photo is not selected this year.